Saturday, November 14, 2015

Birthday Party Highs and Lows

     For my son, Matthew, on his eleventh birthday the uppermost photo reveals one of the highs of his birthday party.  He received the book, Fuzzy Mud, which he desperately wanted after reading Holes, a book written by the same author, Louis Sachar.  He has really gotten into reading lately, a development which has both Mom and Dad thrilled.  A high and a low came shortly thereafter during a birthday game concocted by his uncle.  Starting with a full-sized brown paper shopping bag, each contestant had to bend over with one leg and both arms in the air and pick up the bag between his/her teeth.  After each round, a layer of approximately two inches was cut off.  Not realizing his limitations at the age of 35, Matthew's uncle bravely attempted to pick the bag up from about three inches off the floor, resulting in the low point of the party when he tumbled awkwardly to the floor just after the second photo was snapped.  For Matthew and one of his close friends, a high point was reached when they subsequently tied in the contest by managing to pick the bag up from the floor in the final round as seen in the third photo, giving them both a prize of $1.00.  This game proposed by his creative Uncle John added a whole new layer of entertainment and fun to his party.  I am sure Matthew will not soon forget his eleventh birthday party!

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