Saturday, October 24, 2015

Out of the Mouth of a Child

     My youngest son just turned nine years of age last month.  This was his birthday cake which he thoroughly enjoyed.  At nine years old, he comes up with some really humorous comments without really meaning to be funny.  One evening at the dinner table, he was relating a story told to his class by the teacher that day at school.  In an attempt to impress upon her students the importance of compassion, she told them of an event that occurred in her life that week.  She had been out shopping and had stopped by a coffee shop when she noticed a woman who seemed very distraught.  Approaching the lady, she asked if she could be of any help.  This woman proceeded to tell her that her young daughter was afflicted by cancer.  His teacher  told the class how she prayed for the lady and her daughter in an attempt to comfort her.  As my son was narrating the story, he had a really funny blooper when he stated very seriously, "This lady's daughter had...I think it was...bra cancer." I chuckled, and my other son immediately spoke up and said "No, you mean breast cancer." Everett just brushed it off and completed his story, and to his teacher's credit, I know he internalized a lesson about compassion that day even if he did make a mistake while recounting the story.

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