Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Son's Scapegoat

     My son, Everett, who is now in the third grade, recently came home from school with this little hand drawn replica of how he pictures himself.  Proudly displaying this, he announced that this was he.  Lately, we have had a little problem with prompt obedience with him causing him to be the unhappy recipient of a couple of spankings.  Although we have been able to do less of this in the last year and a half, suddenly he has received a couple of well deserved spankings in the space of a few weeks.  After dinner the other night, he grinned up at me, chuckled a bit, and said, "Daddy, you do not need to spank me anymore."  Indicating his laminated picture mounted on a paint stick, he stated,  "You can just spank him instead."  Unfortunately, he  would later find out that the scapegoat concept does not work in our house.  Still, I had to give him credit for creative thinking!

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