Saturday, August 1, 2015

Going Fishing

     What fun for a summer's day!  My boys have been begging me to take them fishing for a long time now.  Finally, their wish was granted when we went fishing with a wonderful couple from church.  We had a truly enjoyable time, spending two hours fishing and then going geo caching and taking in a small celebration at a colonial farm.  Above my two sons are pictured with their rods.  My wife, my older son and I all caught large mouth bass, my son catching two including the largest catch of the day.  Matthew's largest was sixteen inches long and three pounds.  He was thrilled with his success. My wife and I both hooked a large mouth about ten inches in length.  Unfortunately, my younger son caught no fish this time despite having an excellent cast.  He caught on extremely quickly.  Far from being discouraged, he focused on the good time he had. While fishing, we all were elated when a huge bald eagle wheeled in the sky above us before departing for parts unknown.  This day was one which has whetted our appetite for more fishing trips.

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