Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to the Farm!

    Just returning from a week spent in part on the farm in Indiana, my sons are now recuperating from exhaustion.  A week spent with new friends in Indiana and Ohio along with many activities that they are not accustomed to left them weary and ready to return home.  While it may appear as though they spent much of their time riding around the farm, the exact opposite was really true.  They did have fun riding in the skid loader and then in the cart pulled by the lawn tractor, but most of the time they spent exploring around the farm and helping with some of the work.  The work was not hard, but it did keep them busy and they enjoyed it.  They helped with husking corn and feeding the husks to the heifers and then picking and snapping green beans.  Actually, they really enjoyed doing that with the adults.  We got around 19 quarts of sweet corn and approximately 25 quarts of green beans...enough to keep us busy for a while.  The beans were a Jade variety and were beautiful, 8 to 10 inches long and virtually unmarked.  We will also enjoy eating the vegetables this winter.  Meals on the farm are especially appetizing featuring fresh vegetables and delectable Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.   Of course, the boys always enjoy spending time with their aunts and uncle on the farm.  In the evening we all had great fun playing a game of scrabble.  In the morning the boys were able to find some friends with whom to play baseball.  Life on the farm is enticing to my boys.

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