Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tooth Extraction

     My elder son, Matthew, pictured on the right in the red shirt has developed into a real Minecraft aficionado.  Discovering numerous books having to do with Minecraft online, he proceeded to buy as many as he could afford.  He gets only a tiny allowance and recently ran out of money to purchase more.  However, we do give him a dollar for every tooth he loses via the tooth fairy, a fairytale he sniffed out after the first time he received any money.
     Just yesterday he visited the dentist with his younger brother to have his teeth cleaned.  They took an x-ray, and the dentist told me that they would have to extract his two upper incisors because they were blocking his permanent teeth from coming down.  His mouth is a mess with teeth coming in at angles and some of his first teeth blocking them and not really loosening up.  These teeth seemed very firmly entrenched yet, so we made an appointment to have them both extracted on July 20th.  Now when it comes to anything causing pain such as pulling a tooth or getting a shot, Matthew almost becomes frantic, so he was a pretty unhappy camper going home.  To make all of this a little more palatable to him, I told him I would double the $1.00 and make it $2.00 per tooth when he had his teeth pulled.  That made him quite happy.
     Half an hour ago, he came to me and told me he had been able to get his fingernail under the edge of his tooth.  Five minutes later he came to me with a big grin to tell me I owed him $2.00.  I know that between now and July 20th he will do his utmost to earn his next $2.00 which I told him I would change to $5.00 since it would save the cost of extraction of his teeth.  Actually, I may just make it $10.00, but I don't want him to know that yet.  The best part of all this is that he now knows that having that tooth taken out by the dentist, if it comes to that, is not something to be dreaded.

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