Monday, July 27, 2015

Future Missionary?

     Pictured above is my younger son, Everett at Myrtle Beach.  Everett is an interesting little boy with many endearing qualities.  He is not perfect, I would hasten to add.  At times he can be stubborn, headstrong and disobedient; however these traits are balanced with a desire to please, an extroverted personality and a strong sense of courtesy.  He generally tends to get along well with people of all ages and does want to help out.  While not the most athletic individual, he does persevere and is largely fearless.  That I fear may some time get him in trouble.  While we were here at the beach, he persisted in going into deeper water than he should have.  Though he is a good swimmer, he does not yet have the strength to overcome the power of the tides, and at times I had to go after him and pull him in.  That being said, I see many things in him that could eventually lead him to his goal of being a missionary on the mission field.  Expressing a strong desire to become a missionary, he has shown a real heart for the Lord and for people.  Recently he overheard my wife and me discussing an atrocity committed by ISIS.  He looked up at me and said, "Daddy, when I get big, I am going to be a missionary to ISIS.  I informed him that these people killed anyone trying to share the gospel with them.  He thought about that for a minute and then informed me that he would just wait until our soldiers captured them and then would share the gospel with them.  I am well aware that his goals could change over time; however, he does have a heart to share God's truth with others.

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