Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family Fun

     Recently, our family vacationed in South Carolina with my wife's two sisters and their families.  While staying with my wife's sister and her family, our boys thoroughly enjoyed the time with their cousins and aunts and uncles.  Enjoying time in the pool with their cousins kept them engaged our first evening down in South Carolina.  The next day was a great day at Myrtle Beach where they had a fantastic time in the ocean after a tasty picnic lunch.  On the way back to my wife's sister's house, our boys and their cousin Steven, after an ice cream treat from McDonalds, fell into an exhausted sleep from which they would not rouse until arriving home.  The next day  the boys had a great time with the men playing wiffle ball in the back yard.  The fun would continue as Cousin Steven traveled back home with us to Maryland where he and my boys had wonderful fun playing together.  My boys love playing with their cousins.

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