Thursday, July 2, 2015

Creating Memories

     Every year we attempt to take a special trip as a family to provide our boys with special memories and to broaden their horizons.  For this year's trip, we chose to visit friends in Florida while including five days at Disney World.  A great time was had by all despite oppressive heat and humidity.  One day the temperature reached a scorching 97 degrees.  The boys enjoyed all four Disney parks, especially the Indiana Jones show and the roller coasters, Splash Mountain, Mt. Everest, Thunder Mountain and Primeval World.  Even Tess enjoyed the roller coasters.  Enduring their Mom's wishes, the boys sat through shows such as Frozen, the Little Mermaid and Aladdin, enjoying themselves despite their evident distaste for anything feminine.  Riding out into the wilds on the Jungle Safari, the boys were fascinated and enthralled by the abundance of wildlife.  Equally captivating was the Festival of the Lion King.  All of us enjoyed Spaceship Earth and The Land in Epcot.  Everyone agreed that the vacation was great despite the long hours spent driving to and from Florida. . 

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