Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Devotionals in Proverbs

     For the past month,our family has been reading from Proverbs for our devotional time.  What better source for wisdom for our times than the book of Proverbs.  However, there comes the time when Proverbs gets into some sticky things for little boys.  A firm believer in the fact that our children will be educated about these sticky issues either from the world's perspective or from God's perspective in the family, I proceeded to take these issues and deal with them head on.  Spending our time discussing the chapters we read, I gave as much description and present day examples as possible.  Many times our devotional times would extend for as much as an hour with the boys asking questions and making contributions, usually from a very limited perspective.
     One of these thorny issues was the issue of the immoral woman which Proverbs spends a great deal of time on in the early chapters. As I started reading one evening, my elder son said, "Daddy, your read this last night." I responded that I had read something similar the night before but this was different and pointed out how often Solomon under inspiration addresses this issue, indicating that this was something to be taken very seriously.  I then explained how falling into the trap posed by immorality on the part of men and women in their relationships could very easily destroy their lives. A couple of  weeks later we were watching a movie together about a musician who started out with a Christian perspective on life and very nearly ruined his life when he got caught up with another woman.  Upon seeing this, at one point I mentioned to my sons that this was a good example of what Solomon spoke of in the Proverbs.  My elder son said, "I hope he doesn't fall into her trap."  A few minutes later my younger son identified him taking that very subtle step closer and said, "Daddy, he's falling into her trap, isn't he?"   I was pleased that my boys were able to identify these actions as being those which could lead tremendous problems.  I just pray that my boys will remember these lessons as they grow and remain close to the Lord.
     Just a final disclaimer, I try to teach my sons their responsibility in all this.  I don't want this to sound as though I lay all the blame at the feet of women. On the contrary, I try to build women up in their eyes and am quick to point out bad actions on the part of men.  Men have their own responsibility, and in the case of the movie we watched, I felt extremely bad for the wife of the man involved, so please do not view this as a sexist issue.

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