Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Year of Transition

     The 2014-2015 school year was a year of transition for our family.  I returned to the work force as a school librarian, Tess moved into her initial semester as a nursing student, and the boys returned to the Christian school where I worked as the librarian.  Leaving early to take my wife to school and returning to the school where the boys and I spent our days meant early rising every morning and long days.  There were long evenings spent on homework whereas when they were home schooled, they were able to finish all their work during the day because there were no extras.  One day after school, the boys were in the library at the end of the school day when my younger son complained that he was tired.  Not hearing from him for some time, I went searching for him and found him curled up in the corner shelf under my library counter where I had been working sound asleep.  Another day he went to sleep on the carpet, and the janitor who had come in to sweep was going to just get a broom to sweep more quietly.  I assured him that my son would sleep right through the sound of the vacuum.  Somewhat disbelieving, he proceeded to vacuum, and to his utter amazement, my son slept through it all. We had to make many adjustments, but overall it was a good year and the boys are anticipating another year at school this fall.

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