Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Public Confession of Faith



     This last Easter we had the privilege of watching our boys both get baptized as a public confession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Interestingly enough, both boys accepted the Lord while driving in the back seat of our car about two years apart, both during their fifth year.  Since they were only five years old, I never even mentioned baptism although the issue did come up from time to time in stories and teaching lessons.  However, I never suggested that they be baptized.  I wanted that to be a decision which would come from them when they were ready.  This must be a personal and voluntary decision.  In March of 2015, Everett broached the subject again in the car and asked if he could get baptized.  At that time, Matthew asked if he could be baptized too.  We assented after reviewing the meaning of baptism, and I contacted our pastor.  It just happened that the church was planning a baptismal service for Easter Sunday, April 1, 2015.  What a great feeling it was to observe our boys sharing their faith through public baptism on Easter Sunday!

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