Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Intarsia: A Work of Art

     I visited a friend in Florida last week while introducing the family to Disney World.  We had a grand time, but one of the highlights of our trip was our stay with my good friends Fred and Lorrie Gerber.  While there we saw the most amazing projects of intarsia.  The Last Supper was probably 40" x 50"and was fantastic.  He buys different woods from all around the world to come up with the proper shades of color.  Then he cuts the pieces to size and fits them together as a puzzle.  Finally he coats the finished product with lacquer.  The eyes of the men were so tiny that when he cut them out, he had to use tape so he would not lose them.  The entire project took 450 hours of work.  Most amazing of all was the three dimensional look he was able to get in his work.  These were truly works of art.

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