Friday, January 3, 2014

Traveling with Daddy!

     This last week I helped my brother-in-law move the family's possessions to South Carolina from Frederick, Maryland.  Matthew, my elder son, desperately wanted to accompany me down South.  Thinking of the long trip down and the fact that he was really too little to help much when we arrived, I refused at first to grant his wish on the grounds that he would be bored silly by the long trip.  After seeing the unshed tears in his eyes and hearing the pleading tone in his voice, I finally yielded, knowing that it would make one less child that my wife would have to be concerned about.   The photo above pictures an excited little nine year old preparing for his long trip to South Carolina.  As I drove the van loaded down with furniture, I became supremely grateful for my decision to allow him to accompany me.  His constant chatter on the way down kept me  entertained and alert.  I gained an interesting insight into Matthew's feelings halfway down when he said, "Daddy, I'm not bored and I'm glad I came.  And Daddy, I know God is going to let you live at least until I finish school because who would teach me about the Bible and all the other things I need to know?"  Surprisingly, he can be quite serious at times.  When we arrived in South Carolina, he once again surprised me.  He really did help carry a great many things into the house, some of which I thought were almost too heavy for one his size.  He was a great help and a wonderful companion.  That night as we were going to the motel, he looked over at me and grinned while exclaiming, Daddy, I am going to be able to sleep with you tonight too!  Truly, it was a good decision to allow him to help with the move.

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