Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

     The holidays are past, and we are steaming full speed ahead in a new year, but I wanted to reminisce on the holidays in this post.

.  Unable to fulfill our plans to travel to Pennsylvania and visit family over Christmas, we remained home and enjoyed a wonderful time with just our family of four.  It really was relaxing after a hectic year.  The boys enjoyed sitting around the fire with hot chocolate, trying to guess what was in the packages under the tree.  My older son turned out to be an excellent guesser and was correct in all his guesses.  While the boys got several items from their lists, they did not get nearly all of their wishes; however, they were still pleased with what they received.  They both received Lego sets which they completed before the day was over.  Their prized possession, however, turned out to be a set of educational DVD's from the TV program Wild Kratts.  They will watch those episodes again and again, never tiring of them.  During our science classes, they display a vast knowledge of wildlife gained from watching Wild Kratts.  Having received a nice gift card from my son Brian and his wife Maryse, we were able to go on a little shopping spree after Christmas.  It really turned out to be a very nice Christmas.  It was also nice to see the boys get really enthusiastic viewing a local Christmas light display.  I am a firm believer that we need not spend great amounts of money to appreciate Christmas.

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