Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Special Day of Thanks

     Today was a special day for us.  We spent it together, alone as a family for the first time in years, but it turned out to be a very nice day.  We simply bought a chicken instead of a turkey since the boys do not eat much meat and then added several sides to accompany it.  For us, it was a veritable feast, and we enjoyed it greatly.  In the afternoon, I enjoyed watching some football and observing the boys.  More than all this, however, today was a day of reflection upon everything for which I have to be thankful.  I thank God for a godly wife who is kind, loving and industrious.  I am truly blessed once again with a wonderful wife who is a great complement to me and a wonderful mother to our boys.  I thank the Lord for our two fun-loving boys who keep life interesting.  Never a dull moment with them around!  I am so grateful for two little boys who love the Lord.  Then I think of the material provisions from the Lord and realize how greatly he has blessed us.  Finally, I am reminded of the fact that once again we have come through a year with almost no illness or injury whatsoever.  But I also have much to be grateful for in addition to God's protection and care for my immediate family.  My wife's family still lives in the Philippines, and God provided safety for them during the recent typhoon of unprecedented strength.  When my father-in-law's life was threatened by rebels, God protected him.  Finally, I have a daughter who is happily married with three young children and a son and daughter in law who are successfully employed by the University of Texas El Paso and are climbing the ladder of success there.  Most of all though, I thank God for my salvation by faith in his son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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