Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Field Trip to Jamestown

         This fall we have been studying the settlement of Jamestown in our home-school curriculum.  My son has been entranced by the stories of Pocahontas, Captain John Smith and John Rolfe among others.  We were approaching our tenth wedding anniversary, and not having any real support system or reliable sitters available, we decided to do something that included our boys.  What better way than to incorporate an educational field trip with a time of relaxation and celebration.  Everything worked out to perfection with my wife having a holiday from her schooling and finishing up her Monday class the week previously.  We were able to take a trip down to Jamestown and Williamsburg that we all really enjoyed.
     The boys found the tour of Jamestown instructive as well as entertaining and the trip to Williamsburg was really enjoyable too. Boarding the ships at Jamestown fascinated them immensely.  They also enjoyed the Indian village.  Of course, for the boys the most entertaining part of our time in Williamsburg was the review of the colonial troops featuring the firing of both the muskets and the cannon.  Going to the swimming pool and spa at our motel in the evening was a great climax to an exhausting day.  For Mom and Dad, this was a great time of rest and relaxation away from the everyday cares and routines.

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