Sunday, March 24, 2013

End of Third Quarter Homeschooling

The year is three-fourths finished, we are now in the homestretch, and I took a quick peek back at where we came from to were we now stand.  My kindergarten student started by reviewing his counting skills and comparing sizes.  In reading he worked at identifying sounds of letters.  My second grader started very basic addition in math and with reading some simple books such as the Frog and Toad series.  Since then we have covered early Greece, Rome, Israel, Egypt, China, and India.  Along the way, my sons have encountered Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, William the Conqueror,  Alfred the Great and Charlemagne among others.  I have no illusions that they will remember all of this material, but they have been exposed so when they meet it again, it should make it easier to piece together.  Geography has included nations from all over the world and exposure to the oceans and the continents of the world.  In science we have studied animals from all over the world, the human body, magnetism and water.   We have read wide array of books including a biography of George Mueller, Red Sails of Calypso, Detectives in Togas, Robin Hood, A Roman Diary, A Castle Diary and a story of a Chinese boy. 
Today my kindergartener is working on simple addition and subtraction  and is reading some of the SRA reading books for first grade.  Both boys write very legibly.  My older son has mastered addition, subtraction and most of his multiplication facts and has mastered time problems.  He has done well with interpreting simple graphs and charts and solving simple probability problems.  He has done very well with his spelling lists.  His writing is still a work in progress, but he does some nice work at times.  I have been extremely pleased with the curriculum we purchased for this year. It has been colorful, interesting, challenging and diversified.  I have already purchased the third grade curriculum for next year.  My boys are interested and motivated and looking ahead to next year.  Homeschooling has been a great decision for our family.
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