Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surviving the Perfect Storm

          Looming over our house in  our backyard is an enormous maple tree pictured above.  This is only a small part of the tree which hangs threateningly over the back portion of our house.  Here my son is about fifteen feet above the ground climbing a rope swing attached to one of the limbs.  What is not apparent from this photo, however, is the split that runs well down the trunk, leaving a part of this tree as a threat to our home.  Knowing that the coming "perfect storm" would bring with it very high winds left us praying that the Lord would protect our family and our home from the coming storm.  Miraculously the morning after the winds subsided, the tree remained standing and our house was undamaged.

       Most of the day Monday and well into the night the storm winds gusted around our house at times sounding much like a freight train rushing by.  While watching the news, we saw a huge tree that had fallen and crushed nine cars in the town where we live.  Not too far from our home the news also showed pictures of trees that had come down, literally crushing parts of houses.  We felt very fortunate in that while the lights flickered once, we never lost power while many in our area did. Tuesday happened to be my elder boy's birthday, so I spent a great deal of time that evening while the wind was howling outside baking a chocolate applesauce cake for his birthday.  At times my wife responded with great apprehension as our kitchen is located under where that tree would fall if it fell on the house. God is faithful and answered our prayers, and we were able to joyfully celebrate my son's birthday the next day.

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