Sunday, September 30, 2012


     One of our nations most popular and picturesque parks, Yosemite National Park was one of my stops as I camped around the country.  Hiking, climbing and camping in Yosemite is an experience I will never forget.  Arriving late morning, I managed to find an open tent site and set up camp.  Then I climbed Yosemite Falls which can be seen in the first photo.  What an experience that was!  I started off climbing and was making pretty good time when I met two young ladies descending the trail.  They wanted to know where my water was, and when I told them I had none, they immediately pulled out a half full bottle of water and gave it to me.  "You will need this ," they said.  As it turned out, I was never so grateful for a freebie as I was for that bottle of water.  I was a long climb up, and I completed it in about half of the recommended time.  When I arrived at the top, I was both winded and thirsty.  That water was vital.
     The third photo is of Half Dome, which is one of the most frequently climbed of all the peaks around Yosemite; however, it is also a dangerous climb.  While I was there, they had to airlift a couple of climbers out because they fell while climbing Half Dome.  The second photo has one looking out over Yosemite National Park while the fourth photo shows the peaks of the Sierra Nevada range in the distance.  I had a wonderful time at Yosemite, but I wish it could have been longer. For more great scenic photos, visit Scenic Sunday.

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