Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yard (Junk) Sale, Anyone?

     With these two little guys running around plotting their next little adventure, life is never dull.  Whether it is climbing the impossible, digging holes where holes were not meant to be dug, or just digging up junk and trying to solicit sales, Matthew and Everett are always in the thick of trouble.  Just when things seem to be the calmest, the tempest hits.
     This last week one day things had gotten almost impossibly quiet, so I went to investigate.  I immediately noticed that they had lined up three card tables in our back yard and were starting to place items on them.  Never dreaming that they would go beyond setting up their own imaginary yard sale, I went back inside to continue on some work.  A while later I heard their voices quite clearly out front where they did not belong, so I went to investigate.  Sure enough, there sat my eldest son holding a paper plate on which he had very carefully printed YARD SALE.  To make matters worse, He and my younger son are singing out in their loudest voice possible, "Yard sale, Yard sale!"  After chasing them out back, I had to inspect their wares.  Hearing the term "junk" at a yard sale cannot even begin to describe the items they had littering their tables.  A rusted ax with a broken handle, a pickaxe with no handle, an old rubber shoe with no toes left, and a myriad of other junky items had found their way on their three tables.  When  I scolded them, my younger son looked up at me with the most innocent look imaginable and said, "But Daddy, we just wanted to help you make some money."

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