Sunday, September 23, 2012

Texas: Not Your Typical Beauty

     When camping around the United states some years ago, I took a detour from El Paso in the southern part of Texas north to the Grand Canyon where I saw the more expected awesome grandeur of that huge chasm.  Before heading north north, however, I stopped to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns.  The trip down into the caverns was a welcome relief from the dry desert heat I had been experiencing and the caverns did offer some very interesting formations.  However, the one that really drew my attention was this section aptly named the belly of the whale for it did somewhat resemble how one might imagine the belly of the whale might appear.  Other fascinating formations were a cluster of butterfly-like forms and one named bacon while another was eggs.
     The really interesting part of my time in southwestern Texas was the afternoon I spent at the Hueco Tanks.  I did not get to see some of the more spectacular views, but I did get to enjoy an awesome climb up these boulders.  When I finally made it to the top, I really did need a bit of a breather.  Unfortunately, I was not comfortable spending a great deal of time there as there were some warnings in the area about rattlesnakes.  The view was fantastic from the top and the climb was worth it even if I did lose my wristwatch on the return trip.For other great scenery visit Scenic Sunday.

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  1. There is usually something amazing anywhere we truly look. Your photos are great rock formations.


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