Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tired After a Long Day

A beautiful day was the setting for our visit to these falls on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We had a great time hiking around the falls.  The sky was a gorgeous, cloudless, sapphire blue which was  reflected back from the water here.  In the background one can see a beautiful small waterfalls with a rust-colored hue.  We learned that the rust color comes from tannic acid which comes from a type of oak tree growing in the area.  In the upper photo, it is easy to see that this little man is worn out from the activities of the day despite spending a great amount of time riding his daddy's shoulders.  The sky, while darkening, still displays the unclouded beauty that characterized most of the day.  For more sky photos, visit Skywatch Friday.


  1. So handsome. Happy sky watching.


  2. We're definitely going to have to get to the Upper Peninsula to visit some of these waterfalls. The one you've pictured is beautiful.


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