Friday, August 10, 2012

Spain - one on my wishlist


     Traveling through Europe someday is something on my wishlist.  I have spent time in London but have never spent time on the Continent.  I would love to one day visit both France and Spain.  Spain has such a diversity of landscape that I would love to see.  With its beautiful hills and mountains and lovely beaches, it would be an entrancing country to visit. The history on display in this country is also intriguing as well as the cultural aspect.  Of course, with the many varying landforms comes varying weather: thus, it is imperative to have a reliable website to check on  Spanish weather conditions at any given time for any given place.  One such website is

     This is a great site that will give comprehensive, up-to-date weather reports for thousands of cities in Spain for varying lengths of time.  Additionally, one can find some interesting information about the area he or she wishes to visit.  Preparing ahead of time properly by checking temperatures and precipitation can make your stay more pleasant.

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