Monday, June 4, 2012

She Makes Me Proud!

     I know this blog is supposed to be about myself and my relationship with my boys, but that relationship would be incomplete without my wife, and that is why this entry is all about her.  My wife and I met online in late summer of 2002.  Having been widowed for about fifteen years, I found that it was a welcome respite from that loneliness by chatting online.  While I was on a Christian site one evening, a young lady, suddenly and unknowingly, interrupted a chat I was having with a self proclaimed prince from Africa.  She simply posed the question, "Would you like to chat?"  Suddenly I found myself  chatting to two people from opposite ends of the earth. To make a long story short, eighteen months later this little lady, all five feet and ninety-nine pounds of her, boarded a plane bound for the United States to marry me. 
     Eight and one-half years later, my wife has embarked upon a new direction in her life.  Having two little boys and the disadvantage of adopting a second language as her primary language, she has now returned to school to get a degree in a new field of study, radiography.  Despite her disadvantages and being out of school for eleven years, she has been able to remain on the Dean's List through her first two semesters.  In addition to going to school and taking care of her family, she has also worked part time for the last year. 
     Just this year I lost my job, and the prospects of getting another job at my age are not very good, especially with a family to cover for healthcare.  I have applied for SSI benefits and plan on working part time while homeschooling my boys; however, that leaves a lot of uncertainty for the next few years.  Instead of complaining or becoming angry, Tess has decided to become a part of the solution.  She has established her own little crafts business making hair clips for little girls, demonstrating her courage, resourcefulness and creativity once again.

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