Saturday, June 9, 2012

Faith of a Child

     Jesus spoke of the faith of a child when he was on earth and once said that unless we became as little children, we could not enter the kingdom of heaven.  Recently I had a vivid firsthand example of that "faith of a child."  My elder son said to me one evening last week, "Dad, my toe is still hurting.  It is not healed, and I know why."
     "Why is that?" I queried.
     "You did not remember to pray for it," he replied.  "If you had prayed for it, then it would be healed."
     I immediately told him I was sorry and proceeded to pray for his toe to get better.  Several nights later, he had a nightmare in the middle of the night (He is prone to nightmares.), and was yelling frantically for his daddy.  I rushed downstairs to his bedside to comfort him and assure him that everything was okay, and again he wanted me to pray for him.  He then was comfortable with me leaving his bedside to go back to bed.  Last night we were out late for my ballgames, and we were very late getting home.  Both boys were sound asleep when we arrived home, and I had to carry them inside and put them to bed.  Everett never woke up, but Matthew did.  The last thing he said before drifting off into a peaceful sleep was, "Pray that I won't have any nightmares."  I prayed for him, and in the morning asked if he slept well.  He replied that he had because I had prayed for him.  Truly the faith that a child has is very great.

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