Monday, April 30, 2012

Learning When To Back Off

     Watching my little boys play soccer this year has been a fun yet, at times, excruciating experience.  It is so difficult not to become an overzealous parent coach from the sidelines when I see something not being done right.  I want to just yell and instruct from the sidelines, yet I know I should back off and let them just have fun.  It is really enjoyable to watch them get into the game and go after the ball.  They are both the smallest player on the field, so I must also take that into account.  It is a great time out for them and me and a time of bonding.  When they are finished, I try to emphasize that I just want them to have fun with what they are doing.  I really do not care whether or not they win or lose, but I do want them to be wholehearted in their effort and to enjoy themselves while doing it.  The one thing I want to avoid at all costs is for them to think they have to play the game to please me.  To avoid that I must learn when to back off.

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