Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Learning Is a Dangerous Thing!

       My eldest son is in the first grade and has developed a love for soccer.  He is really anticipating the spring soccer league this year which is a great improvement over two years ago.  Wanting to see him involved in a physically challenging activity, I allowed him to sign up for the spring soccer league at our school and even agreed to coach his team.  What a mistake!  Despite the fact that he demonstrated tremendous physical ability and hand-eye coordination by hitting a plastic baseball thrown overhand to him at the age of three, he showed little prowess on the soccer field, preferring instead to lie down on his back in the middle of a game to stare at the clouds.  While the ball was down near the opponent's goal, he would be at the other end of the field, blissfully unaware of his father's frustrated shouts to get to the ball.  However, last year I saw huge improvements in his efforts, and this year our house has echoed with the crash of the soccer ball striking a wall as he prepares for the upcoming season.

      The other night we were sitting together on the sofa, and Matthew spoke to me.  "Dad, you don't have a lot of dollars, do you?"
      I replied slowly, "No, I don't, Matthew.

      " Well, you need to work harder because I really want to play soccer this year.  How much does it cost, Daddy?"

      "For both you and Everett, it will cost more than one hundred dollars, so it is pretty expensive."          

Now my son really enjoys math in school and has learned a lot in the first grade...just enough to make it dangerous.  He has learned that by counting by tens or hundreds he can arrive at fairly high numbers very quickly.  His quick response was, "Oh Daddy, then you can just count by tens" as though that would somehow make the amount less.  Truly, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

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