Monday, December 26, 2011

The Rosetta Stone

     A fascinating story in history involves the study of language and the Rosetta Stone.  Fascinating facts about an interesting historical culture were brought to light when the Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1799.  While rebuilding a fort in Egypt, a French soldier unearthed a stone with strange markings on it. These markings were demotic, hieroglyphic, and ancient Greek.   Recognizing the possible value of the stone in uncovering the secrets of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, scholars would spend years poring over this stone, trying to discover its secrets.  Eventually success would come to a French scholar by the name of Jean  Champollion.  Using his knowledge of Greek and the Coptic demotic, Champollion was able to eventually translate the hieroglyphs, thus solving a centuries old puzzle.  This remarkable feat in translation and its subsequent results demonstrated the value of language interpretation.

     Today the name Rosetta has been applied to different translation services.  These range from simple language services such as language education to very sophisticated translations for legal, technical and medical areas among others. One such translation agency that excels in this area is the Rosetta Translation agency which is outstanding.  This agency uses highly trained professionals to achieve the highest quality translations.  With the expertise of this company available to him, one can be assured of satisfaction with his translation.  Whether in the area of medicine, law, or business, the value of quality translation cannot be underestimated.

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