Thursday, December 29, 2011

Protect Yourself!

     This evening I went online to check the news and learned the details of a horrific pileup near New Orleans which left two dead and sixty injured.  This event brought back in vivid detail an incident that happened to me nearly seven years ago.  I had left school to return home to my wife and was drifting up to a light in the left hand turn lane when suddenly out of nowhere an auto making a right hand turn from a four lane highway crossed the center line and slammed into my car.  I was driving a small Nissan that was totaled. Thrown forward so hard that my chest was badly bruised, I spent the next five hours in the ER.  Unfortunately, the man who crashed into my car was able to drive away, a hit and run.  Fortunately for me, I had good insurance, and the insurance company paid for the value of my car under the uninsured motor vehicle clause because they never caught the guy.   Ever since that time, I have had a greater appreciation of the necessity of insurance.

     Finding the best insurance company to meet one's needs can be extremely difficult and frustrating.  In today's economy, getting the best rate possible while obtaining sufficient coverage from a reputable and reliable company can take a lot of time and energy; therefore, it only makes sense to find a group who can take the work out of getting insured.  CI Auto Quotes will find the most competitive rates from very reliable companies and get quotes for anyone needing insurance.  Whether it is a first time need or a desire to find more competitive rates, now is the best time to shop.

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