Friday, December 9, 2011

A Tennis Dream Come True!

     A fantastic vacation awaits the extreme tennis buff this January.  For anyone who enjoys tennis, planning a trip to take in the Australian Open 2012 has got to be a dream come true.  The tennis enthusiast can take advantage of one of several Australia travel plans that will include a special opportunity to both attend the Australian Open and receive instruction from a former tennis pro.  One can improve his game under the tutelage of Lan Bale, a former # 23 world ATP tour player and coach.  In addition to enjoying the intense excitement of the tennis matches and improving his tennis game, one can also enjoy a fantastic vacation experience touring Melbourne and the surrounding countryside.

     Exploring Melbourne architecture via a walking tour can be an unforgettable experience all by itself.  With a fantastic array of different types of architecture, Melbourne provides a fascinating tour for all.  Other great places to visit are the Block Arcade and the National Gallery of Victoria.  However, there are still other areas to visit outside the city.  Lovely beaches and the Dandenong Range National Park provide areas outside the city that will entertain.  While planning such a vacation may seem a bit daunting, it is possible to get a great vacation package planned by a good travel agency specializing in trips like this.

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