Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cheap Airport Parking

     One of the truly aggravating aspects of flying, besides the long waits for airport security checks, has been that of parking.  Unless one parks a half mile from the terminal at the cheaper long term parking prices which still are not that reasonable, he must pay the exorbitant rates for parking close to the terminal.  However, if one is getting a flight out of Miami, Miami International Airport provides a number of inexpensive choices for long term parking.  Miami airport parking is plentiful, convenient and reasonable.

     One highly recommended option is the long term parking at any of the airport hotels.  It is not necessary for an individual to stay at the hotel to use the parking lot.  Free shuttle service is available to and from the terminals, and parking fees are very reasonable.  Reservations will ensure one's parking space ahead of time, avoiding a last minute search for parking.  The wait for the shuttle service is typically five to ten minutes, allowing one to avoid long waits.  Both indoor and outdoor parking lots are available.  Those exorbitant fees for parking are now a thing of the past at the Miami Airport.

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