Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day to Remember

A gorgeous day with water all around us culminated in the memorable event of my wife receiving her citizenship in Baltimore, Maryland.  As we drove to Baltimore on August 10, 2011, my wife continued to review her material for the upcoming citizenship test.  Understandably nervous, she entered the office and was quickly put at ease by the Immigrations agent.  She did very well on her test and was told that she could be sworn in as a citizen later that day if she wished to wait a few hours.  That was an easy decision.  We strolled down to the Baltimore Harbor where we wasted a couple of hours waiting for the time to pass until the swearing in ceremony.  On our way down to the harbor, we came upon this area with little waterfalls and fountains and pools of water.  We spent some time here just enjoying this man-made beauty.  Later we enjoyed lunch at the harbor while gazing out over the water.  Our day was made complete when Tess received her certificate of US citizenship.For more great water photos visit Watery Wednesday

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