Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watery Wednesday 14

This was a fun vacation at Assateague sandwiched around a tropical storm in 2006 with lots of rain and violent winds. I literally was holding the tent upright from inside at times to avoid it being flattened by the winds. The nice part is that the storm really only adversely affected us for one day and night. Other than that, we had beautiful weather and a great time. As a matter of fact, it provided an extra amount of fun for my son as can be seen in the third photo. For more photos of water scenes, visit Watery Wednesday.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Watery Wednesday 14

This campground in western Maryland near Hagerstown provided us with a nice day out for the family. The water was refreshing on this warm summer day. he boys enjoyed their dip in the lake as did Mommy. For more watery scenes, visit Watery Wednesday.

Summer on the Farm!

Summer days on the farm! What a great way to spend a summer vacation! Whether it was simply being outside and sliding down a dirt hill, watching the cows being milked, helping with husking corn to be frozen, riding someone's shoulders through seven foot high corn, playing in the newly turned earth in the garden, partaking of the corn before it reached the freezer bags, helping to feed the calves or just sharing a dish of freshly picked blueberries, my sons loved the activity on the farm. Every year they look forward to returning to Indiana and the farm. We do too, for that matter. For more scenic pictures, visit Scenic Sunday.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Skywatch Friday 9

This sequence of photos was on the same night at virtually the same time showing a beautiful full moon. The verse comes to mind--- and I am giving a rough paraphrase---"now we see through a glass darkly and do not know what we shall be, but when He returns, then we shall see Him as He is and be like Him." This series of photos seemed so illustrative of that verse from I John. The first photo in this sequence was taken from inside the car after which I got out and took the others without the glass between and what a huge difference in photos! For more beautiful photos of the sky go to Skywatch Friday.

Watery Wednesday 13

A beautiful summer day up near Camp Hennlopen in Delaware provides the backdrop for these photos. Our family was enjoying a couple of beautiful days camping up there. Here Matthew wanders up to a fisher woman along the pier and satisfies his curiosity as she shows him a fish. As can be seen, there was a nice breeze, providing nice relief from the heat. For more water scenes, visit Watery Wednesday.

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