Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday 1

I have so many things for which I thank the Lord, but near the top of the list is my wonderful wife. I am so fortunate as to have had two very wonderful women in my life as wives. After my first wife died of cancer, the Lord blessed me with a terrific lady from the Philippines. A courageous, tiny lady, Tess came to this country by herself a little over five years ago knowing no one except me. We were married in late October of 2003. She has been a great wife, an inspiration and encouragement to me since we met almost six years ago. She has been a terrific mother to our two boys and is constantly trying to find ways to help with our household finances. One of those ways has been through her crafts, bags and dolls, which she sells. I wish to give her credit for starting this blog and encouraging me to do my part in the writing of it. She herself has a terrific blog herself entitled "Life is Beautiful."
I know it has been difficult at times adjusting to new foods, a strange culture and a drastically different climate with few close friends or relatives in the area where we live, but she has adapted admirably. Language has also been an area of difficulty as English was seldom used in her home in the Philippines. Despite these difficulties, Tess has maintained a positive attitude and has been an encouragement to numerous people who have met her. I thank the Lord for the blessing of a Christian wife whose life is such a testimony of his love. Visit Thankful Thursday and share your moment of thanks.

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