Monday, January 12, 2009

Something to Tickle the Funnybone!

Sometimes we just have to take the time to laugh. Scripture tells us that "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Health experts have said much the same. Nothing can create quite as much laughter and enjoyment than one's children. Without them, life's colors would look very dull. What can be funnier than a three-year-old getting hold of some ash from the fireplace and painting his and his little brother's face with charcoal or experimenting with chopsticks by pinching his nose shut with them or my two-year-old getting into the butter and smearing it all over his hair and face? Sometimes these antics cause some distress, but then I need to remind myself how funny they are and get a good laugh out of it. My elder son is a little actor who is always coming up with funny expressions. I can't wait until he gets older and sees these photos!
Of course, watching a child of under two trying to eat spaghetti when he is starved can be quite amusing too.
Not only the sights are humorous but also what is said can be funny. My little four-year-old was told that he would be meeting a really cute blond little girl when he participated as ring bearer in his aunt's wedding. His uncle said they should meet soon, and he very seriously replied that, that sounded like a good idea and wondered when they could meet. Another time while watching Mama Mia, he saw the younger girl on there and said that he liked her body and when could he meet her. Sometimes we just have to enjoy the moment and break into a laugh.


  1. These were wonderful! Thank you for sharing these and making me smile. Kids are priceless gems, aren't they?

  2. Oh! I truly laughed and smiled alot looking at the lovely pictures of your precious children, Will and Tess. I'm very blessed! More blessings from our Heavenly Father.

  3. Wow! Oh how I miss them. I hope to see them on weekends. Thanks for the good meal by the way,Marites is a very good cook now :)..


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