Thursday, December 25, 2008

Daddys boys

I am a teacher, a husband and a daddy.

These are my boys, Matthew Ryan and Everett Scott. I may have been a little older when the Lord blessed me with two beautiful kids, but I sure have all the energy to cope and catch up with them for which I am thankful to the Lord.

My boys and I have a lot things in common; we love books.

Cold doesn't force us to stay home.

We all love to drink decaffeinated coffee .

We love to talk...

and talk... I don't mind if they would choose to be a teacher like me when they grow up.


  1. HAHAHAH! This is very funny.I love this photo of Everrete.As in mura cya ug correct. NIce blog ate,congrats!

  2. This is such a great post that made me smile. Your boys are beautiful and yes, boys can be beautiful. ;-)

  3. This is a wonderful new blog and very refreshing to see a daddy sharing his love for two precious little boys!

    Great job!


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